First steps in the old world

As some of you may know I have had m4/3 system before my new Olympus OM-D. I bought E-P1 almost immediately it was available in summer 2009. Fantastic image quality but not so good ISO performance or AF. Now that I am back to m4/3 system I thought to share my first impressions during the very beginning using OM-D.

First of all, OM-D is really on a different level when comparing to E-P1. And of course it should be. But that m4/3 feeling is still there. Small, lots of features, great IQ.

OM-D is very small and handy to use. Maybe even too small for some people but for me it is perfect. It is really easy to take OM-D with several lenses with you. You do not need much space and endurance to carry the whole system.

IQ seems to be top notch. I am especially happy about ISO performance. 6400 seems to be totally usable when I learn the tricks for noise reduction in Lightroom. Some people say that very little noise reduction should be used with minimal sharpening. These are the things I am testing at the moment.

That fantastic 5-axis IS increases so much the keeper number. So nice. I think my future camera bodies should always have an IS system. It is very nice to have it in the camera body because then it will be available with all lenses used.

Tilting LCD is cool to have. I use it quite a lot especially for low angle shots. Much easier to go dachshund-level than with traditional rigid screen. Touch sensitivity is also nice because you can focus and trigger the shutter by touching the screen. Quite cool for hip-level shooting using the LCD.

I already mentioned in an earlier post that AF is really fast. How fast it is depends on the lens used. Much faster with new M.ZUIKO's than older Olympus lenses or Panasonic's. But they all are in the category fast – blazingly fast with single-focus AF. All in all, I am very happy with AF performance – also in low light conditions.

Lenses. Yep, there are some superb lenses available for m4/3 system. My new M.ZUIKOs, 45/1.8 and 75/1.8 are really something. Small and very capable. 75/1.8 is metal construction and very impressive. I have to write additional post(s) about the lenses. All I say now that you can't go wrong with this system when lenses are considered.

There are also few things I do not like with OM-D. The position of the on/off switch really irritates me. It should be positioned around the shutter button. And that menu system. Just horrible. Fortunately, I do not have to visit menu often because the Super Control Panel saves the situation in 90% of cases.


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