Flickr and the exposure/brightness of the shots

I am a long-time Flickr user since July 2005. Lately I have been more and more irritated by the exposure or brightness change in my photos when I compare a photo in the Flickr front page vs. photo page vs. Light box. Of course there is also change in photo size when doing this comparison but I do not see so dramatic change in e.g. Lightroom when I compare a shot with a white background vs. a black one.

I feel that if people are seeing my shots in the front page of my photostream or even in the particular photo’s page the brightness of the shot is not the right one. Not that what I intended it to be. The effect is most prominent in the shadow areas.

You can test this with almost any shot in my photostream.

I am not leaving Flickr for this. No way. I have so many wonderful contacts and friends there.


  1. The resizing algorithm is somewhat awkward. I see the same effect with some shots, but using a calibrated monitor and sRGB color space when saving jpegs minimizes the problem. I really like the lightbox view, because it shows images on retina display in higher resolution. So the lightbox image actually is a higher res base image resized to fit the screen (or at least 2048x sample), elsewhere you are dealing with low resolution versions resized by Flickr.

  2. Flickr has a new CEO and new energy… Don’t hold your breath on the brightness issue (which has been there since flickr started) but I think Mayer will listen to users who report issues they have. I’d report this as something you’d like changed if it bothers you. Since all of my images are uploaded to flickr, then embedded in various blogs I process for flickr and have gotten used to it over the years. Occasionally I get things too dark but I simply reprocess and replace the image when that happens.

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