Reasoning fulfilled?

Let’s see how my recent move to m4/3 system and Olympus OM-D has cured the problems I had with Nikon D600. I wrote about my reasoning in this blog post. Below are the questions I asked at that time and some opinions now on OM-D:

First, I was really going to suffocate in the camera menus trying to figure out endless AF possibilities and also other camera adjustments.

– Well, OM-D’s menu system is quite horrible actually. But Super Control Panel saves the situation. With OM-D I use solely single-focus AF (S-AF) so no tinkering with AF possibilities (of course if I would need continuous AF then I will have problems with OM-D). 85% happy.

Second, full frame is nice but usually I had to stop down quite much to get subjects both eyes sharp. And stopping down in low light situations means you have to use flash (which I do not like to use) or use high ISOs. It seems that APS-C sensor would be perfect for me. Nice shallow DoF but not so tricky to achieve sharp shots.

– With OM-D I achieved the above things. Very Nice. 90% happy.

Third, I hate to change lenses. I really hate that. Actually, after buying 85mm lens I was solely using it. So, it seems that I do not need an interchangeable lens camera.

– Not solved at all. m4/3 is an interchangeable lens system. I think I can live with this fact. 40% happy.

Fourth, it is a big beast. I am into smaller cameras. I really can’t understand when I will realize this. I hopefully have now realized it.

– OM-D is really small as are the lenses. 95% happy.

Mean happiness score: 77,5%


  1. Well, actually that X-Pro2 option is not curing that interchangeable lens problem. Somehow I still feel that fixed prime would be nice. No lens problems anymore, just shooting.

  2. Would you take a fixed zoom or does it have to be a fixed prime? I know you like to shoot shallow depth of field images of your family but if you could do that with a fast zoom would that be okay?

    A fixed prime, like the RX1’s 35mm f/2 is very limiting. And, while it’s fast and sharp it’s not as long an angle of view as you like with your 45 and 85mm lenses. But, if Sony or anyone made a fixed 85mm f/1.8 lens camera that would seem quite limiting to me and maybe you too for landscape work. So, you’d need multiple fixed prime lens cameras and then you’re back to an interchangeable lens camera.

    I think maybe the fly in your thinking ointment is that you want a single camera to do all of this rather than two. Maybe it’s now time to try the Sony RX100 with it’s fixed zoom lens to see if its 1″ sensor is give enough for you. While I rate it very poorly in the menu/ergonomics area it’s images are quite spectacular. A camera like that and your current system would be a nice little kit and would give you lots of flexibility.

    Personally, I’d like Canon to put a 1″ or bigger sensor in the G15. That would be my ideal camera for hiking and travel. I love using the G15 but its images just don’t measure up to the RX100’s. And, the Canon G1X has been a flop by most people’s standards.


  3. I am still pondering if I should get Fuji X100S. Sell everything else and use Fuji instead. All manual controls, fixed prime, great IQ. No worries for lens changes. Teaching my vision to use only one focal length.

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