Low angle fun

Olympus OM-D has two great features for low angle shooting. First of all it has a tilting LCD screen which is very handy when shooting low or high angle shots. Secondly, you can trigger the shutter by using LCD screen’s touch function. Just touch the subject you want to focus on in the screen and the camera triggers the shutter immediately. There is also an option to only select a focus point by touching. In that case you trigger the shutter in normal way by pushing the shutter button.

I took the shot below using these nice features. The camera was on the floor beside me and I used the touch screen to trigger the shutter. Tiitus didn’t even know that I was taking some photos. Really fantastic!

One comment

  1. I see a point here. Was taking some photos of our dogs sleeping on the floor yesterday with the M3. I guess it’s the rangefinder thing I’ve been talking about, trying to nail focus on f/1.5 in very dim lightning lying on the floor..

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