Am I a Fuji guy after all?

Why those Fuji shots (taken with X100 and X-Pro1) have to have that special character!? Oh, why?! It has to be the sensor, at least with X-Pro1. The shots are almost magical sometimes. Olympus OM-D produces very, very good shots. But not magical ones. I really can’t describe this very clearly but with Fuji shots there is a special feeling, special mood.

Another thing I like with X100 and X-Pro1 is the manual controls. I really love to control aperture straight from the lens and shutter speed by turning its control wheel on the camera. Old school and so rewarding. Very rewarding for the user experience.

Even though I was not using optical viewfinder that often it brings lots of that special mood in your photography.



  1. The problem with modern life is there is too much choice. After years of going through many many cameras, I have decided to go back to one camera and one lens. Well, maybe one 35mm camera and one medium format…
    I like the look of the X-Pro1 too, and like you say, there is something special about shooting fully manual; turning the shutter speed dial, hearing the aperture click-stops.

  2. Jonne: this really isn’t a problem. When the new X100 ships get one but don’t get rid of the Olympus so fast. Keep them both for a while and shoot and compare. You can always sell the Olympus later, or not.

    The X100 solves a lot of your issues: fixed fast lens, manual controls, high quality sensor, and, you’ve used it before and it was your favorite camera for the time you had it. My guess is it will be your favorite camera again.

  3. Thanks, Richard. That’s a good advice. I think I may buy X100S when it ships or in the coming summer. I have had unfortunately very limited time for outdoor shooting and that is what I should do with OM-D.

  4. I smell GAS! But I agree on the Fuji look. Files from my X100 have special colors.

    I’ve heard positive things about the latest firmware update for 35/1.4 and X-frames. Still can’t match the AF of OM-D, but should be a lot better now. Fuji is really great, as they do listen to the users and provide updates accordingly.

  5. I had X100 and preset for it in Lightroom. I liked photo quality very much. But there was something with the camera itself… something that I could not live with. Maeby one lens wasn’t enought. But there is EX-1. And few so nicely expensive lens… I had now E-PL3 with one 17(x2) lens… not good. MKII and 20mm is doable…

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