My head is full of Xs

I am now selling my OM-D set. It is a great camera but it is not giving me the user experience I would like to have.

I have few options in my mind for a new camera. Or maybe cameras. Once again all have X in their model names. 🙂 At the moment I am very much into Fuji X100S. It should have quite fast AF, nice sensor, beautiful viewfinders, in-camera ND filter, and it feels substantial in hand. After selling my OM-D I would have enough money to buy X100S and a capable zoom compact, like Sony RX100. I have been very amazed of the ice shots my Flickr friend Richard had been shooting with it. Together these two cameras would be just under 2000 euros.

Then there is Sony RX1. I have been quite tempted on it since it was introduced. The lack of any kind of a viewfinder and user reports about slowish AF in dim light are now against the purchase.

Let’s see what happens.

Here is one X100 shot from last summer. Just to tease myself.


  1. My friend visited Africa with a brand new RX100 with him. It’s capable of stunning results. It has the same effortless nature as my late D-lux 4, although I’m not a fan of Sony user experience.

    And I have no doubts about the X100s, it should be a killer. Great pic!

  2. Thanks, Jesse! I think X100S plus RX100 combo could be nice. Then I would have the camera I loved back as an updated version and the versatility of a compact zoom camera. And that set would be a small one.

  3. Thanks for You for following my thoughts, but beeing little bit ahead (and sorry my english). Was that so, that X100 has 12MB? That was one thing I did not like. I have oddy thinking to want pixels ‘cos my dream is have large prints on the wall. X100S have 16 and it’s about allright (in my budjet). I’m still thinking that X-E1 is nice too, but is that only “sexy”. I was thinging about EPL5, ‘cos I have now VF-2 from EPL3.

  4. I loved my X100, so I doubt you can go wrong with the X100S.

    I currently shoot an X-E1, and the image quality is fantastic, so the X100S should be just as good.

  5. Jonne, thanks for the mention. My recommendation would be to do this in stages. Stage 1 is to get the RX100 and see what you think of it. If you find it pleasant to use with good results then you can still get the Fuji but you’ll be in a better position to consider the RX1, which is similar in some ways.

    I think you will enjoy the RX100 and the image quality is quite amazing for such a small camera.

    I’m still considering the RX1 and when I hear what my friend Mamen has to say I’ll make a decision on it.

  6. I cancelled the whole selling/buying thing. I just have to keep a camera for a longer time. I will wait next OM-D body and see what it will bring along. In the meanwhile I will by a good 50mm equivalent lens for m4/3. Presumably Panasonic Leica 50/1.4.

  7. Oh dear. I checked back and you’ve been flip-flopping. Maybe best to sit on hands for a week or so to let mind clear. You’re smart enough Jonne to rationalize any move, any camera, any decision so let your mind rest for a while.

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