One step forward

My OM-D set is now sold (only 45-200mm will be left for my wife’s use) and Sony RX100 has arrived. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time to use it yet but it feels nice, small, and capable camera. Of course it is just a point-and-shoot compact but when you open the files in Lightroom you are not so sure anymore. They really are at the level of Micro Four Thirds maybe even more. Quite stunning for so small camera and sensor (even if the sensor is very big in P&S world).

Now I am waiting for Fuji X100S to ship. When I will get it I think I am all set up. I think the best approach in the future may be an upgrade path (i.e. future upgrades of RX100 and X100S) not to change camera systems and models all the time.

Here are just two snapshots with RX100.


  1. While you wait for the X100s I suggest really pushing the RX100 in areas where you think it might not perform. I think it will amaze you. These two images look great and my guess as you get used to it you’ll get it to give you your “look” as you like it. Who knows, I may end up with a similar camera setup although it will probably (maybe) be the Sony RX1. I’m still waiting to hear from Mamen on it.

  2. Thanks, Richard! I was actually amazed how it rendered those small branches in the above shot. It is good advice to use it in the situations where I would not normally use a P&S camera. Well, at the moment RX100 is all I have.

    I will buy X100S. It is something like 1300 euros vs. 3000 euros for RX1. That difference is too much for my wallet. And I really want to have a viewfinder. With X100S I will get both EVF and OVF. I read few comments (one from the link you provided, thanks!) about the AF performance and both stated that it is hugely better than in X100. The other compared X100S’ AF-C to his Nikon DSLR (can’t remember the exact model now) and he said that there was no difference in the tracking speed between those two when he was photographing his children. That is something!

  3. I think your thinking is clear and excellent: you’re familiar and happy with Fuji and you now have a pocket camera that you can carry with you easily that can produce passable RAW files. I look forward to your work with the RX100 while you wait for the X100s (lots of 100’s in your life).

  4. Then Nikon comes out with this:

    While I doubt it’s something I’d get I do (unlike others) prefer 28mm over 35mm in a fixed prime lens for the kinds of things I’d be shooting with it. Or, put another way, if I ever got the RX1, one of the biggest challenges for me would be learning to live with a 35mm fixed focal length.

    Many interesting choices and no doubt Fuji started something with the X100. I’m glad other companies will push them further and hopefully Canon will eventually enter this category as well. This is definitely my category…

  5. Jonne: All he complained about was no viewfinder and no grip. Odd to me and I don’t think either of those is a deal breaker for me. The fact that Nikon announced that camera gives me pause about the RX1. It’s not that they’re similar, they’re not, but I think the Nikon is closer to what I want, maybe not exactly it, but closer. I particularly like the Ricoh GRD IV and it was similar to the Nikon Coolpix A just with a smaller sensor. If Canon ever gets their act together in this category (G1X) they might do the best of all. Time will tell.

  6. For me a viewfinder is a must for a real camera. I really love how Fuji have implemented EVF/OVF in X-series. One thing more I really like in Fuji’s is the old-school aperture and shutter speed dials.

      1. While I agree with you for some types of photography, I don’t agree for all types. But, that as it is, all cameras, be they iPhones, P&S, or pinhole cameras or view cameras (with no viewfinders) are “real.” No?

  7. Jonne: On that we agree. Just don’t want to make it a general thing that only cameras with viewfinders are real. Lots of different ways to take great photos, all “real” and legit. Like you, I prefer a viewfinder (a good one) and I miss having one on both of my little pocket cameras. If I ever went for the RX1 I’d go for the EVF too.

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