Fuji X-Pro1 is coming back. Well, now it is said. Many people will say that I am totally insane. I have thought this move for many days now and I didn’t want to write anything about it here before I actually did it.

There are few reasons for this move. The first is that I really loved the image quality of X-Trans sensor when I earlier had the X-Pro1. I mean I felt that some of my shots had some really special touch. And this is totally my subjective feeling but it is what counts here. The second one is that I realized that I will need interchangeable lens camera after all even if I am now going to have only the body with 35/1.4 lens. And those Fujinon lenses really are masterpieces. I am really waiting for the new Fujinon 56/1.4 lens. It would nicely complement the 35 mm. The third one is that I want to have both EVF and OVF. I am positive that I will try to use OVF more than before. Old school. The fourth is that I think the next X-Pro generation (X-Pro2) will have many of those improvements incorporated which the new X100S has. And in the coming summer or next fall I am ready to purchase the next generation body (I have no idea when X-Pro2 may come – maybe not in this year?).

I have now Sony RX100 which is easy to take with me everywhere. I think it is the biggest asset of it. RX100 is my snapshot camera and X-Pro1 will be for photowalks and other situations when the photography is the main thing.

Si enim fallor, sum.

An X-Pro1 shot from last summer.


  1. We’re in the same boat then. I have a lot of faith on Fuji with their X-system, as the improvements to their cameras and recent new lenses really seem to present passion and dedication to photography. That’s something that can’t be said with most of the manufacturers out there.

    It seems like the X-cameras are just now passing the beta stage. Raw converter support, firmware upgrades and many pros starting to look at X-pro1&X-E1 in favorable light recently are signs of an interesting future 🙂

  2. I think this is a great choice and the reason you’re making it is one of the (many) reasons I remain on the fence about the Sony RX1. I don’t want interchangeable lenses necessarily but I’m not sure I want a fixed 35mm lens on my “main” camera. I’m still not sure though so I’ll sit on my hands for a while longer. Since your camera of choice hasn’t come out yet your hands are sat on by availability, which is good because you can think more about how you would use the new body, which lenses you’d want, etc.

    Good thinking.

  3. We are all on similar paths. I sold my Fuji X-E1 and regretted it. But I don’t want to sell my Sigma DP2M due to its potential for landscape.

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