Welcome back!

My Fuji X-Pro1 with Fujinon 35/1.4 lens arrived yesterday. Oh man it felt good. I really can’t understand why I sold it earlier this year. I felt that I was home when I was hold it again in my hands. So good feeling.

Both the camera body and the lens I purchased are used ones. But they really are in mint+ condition. I can’t find any marks of use from them. It is so nice that people keep their camera gear in fantastic condition. I do the same always for my camera gear.

Unfortunately, I had only very limited time to shoot with them yesterday evening. I just basically tested that everything was working properly. I am soon going to get two manual focus lenses for the X-Pro1. I am quite excited about them. But more about them later on…

This was shot with my earlier X-Pro1 and Fujinon 60/2.4.



  1. Yeah, good to be at home again.
    What was main motive to bought it again since it was sold just couple of months ago, eventhough you have stated ” don’t understand why…”. Would like to hear more of it. Cheers!

  2. I’m interested to hear more about the MF lenses (and the mount/adapter) you are thinking of.. I ordered the original Fuji adapter for M lenses, because it’s the only one with lens correction functions as of now. Isn’t cheap though :O

  3. Thanks!

    Richard, I think that I am not going to buy X100S now (even if the first impressions seems to be highly favorable everywhere). But you never know of course…

    Jesse, I think those manual lenses will arrive early next week. They are old ones. I’ll report more when I’ll get them.

    Gunston, the main motive to get it back was the image quality of the X-Trans sensor. Another one over X100S (which I still may get in some point…) was the versatility and the fact that I am more into longer focal lengths than 35 mm. For the second photo above I used VSCO Film 03 preset (presumably it was PX680) and tweaked it into my taste in LR.

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