Oldies goldies

Not songs this time but lenses. I got yesterday Asahi Pentax Super-Takumar 55mm F 1.8 and Super-Takumar 135mm F3.5 lenses (M42 screw mount) to use with my Fuji X-Pro1. The lenses are from 1960's and they still are in a very good condition. Metal and glass only, smooth focus rings and tactile aperture rings. Just fantastic feeling. With that kind of manual focus lenses it is so easy to focus manually (no AF, of course!) because the movement of focus ring is just right and precise. Of course I have to practice more to get more tack sharp keepers but I was happy when I was using them first time. I was happy. No frustration whatsoever.

I will write my impressions of them later on when I'm having more experience of them.

Below are one shot of the lenses and one of the first shots taken with the 55mm lens.


  1. Interesting move! How do you find MF with X-pro1? I hear the X-E1 would be nicer for that because of the higher resolution evf. However, I appreciate the hybrid vf too much to go in that direction…

    My choice of lens mount is Leica M due to continuity and my other gear, lots of interesting possibilities there. If only Fuji would incorporate focus peaking with a firmware update, I’d be a one happy photographer.

  2. Thanks Jesse! Do you have X-pro1 now? Would be very interesting to hear your opinions on it.

    I have been testing those Super-Takumars now and first I have to say that 135mm lens, which is a 202mm equivalent, is quite hard to focus with X-Pro1. There is so much shake in EVF especially in zoomed modes (I usually use 3x) that it has been quite difficult to use that longer MF lens. I think I have to try it more and learn to stabilize the camera more firmly.

    The 55mm is another story, though. Pretty easy to focus and usable wide open. It is a 82mm equivalent in X-Pro1 so I’ll find it very useable focal length. At the moment I frankly think that this is about the longest focal length which is easy to use as a MF lens (for me that is).

    I may try out some wider option for a MF lens if I can find a suitable option. Should be at least something like 35mm equivalent with X-Pro1. That would nicely complement the lenses I have (35/1.4 and 55/1.8).

    Fujinon 35/1.4 is so spectacular lens that it is quite difficult to take it off from X-Pro1. I am very much interested in the coming 56/1.4 if it would be in the same level with 35mm.

    Now that I have X-Pro1 my Sony RX100 has been mainly unused. I feel that the main asset (as I mentioned in some earlier post) of the Sony is its fantastic portability. In other ways I do not find it to be any special camera.

  3. No, still haven’t got mine.. The supplier ran out of stock when I ordered, should be here this week. The order has gone wrong in so many ways, that I’m starting to lose my faith now. I’m away from town for Easter, we’ll see if I get to try the X-pro1 during holidays 🙂

    I can imagine the difficulty of focusing with longer lenses. In advance I thought the 50mm with crop factor is the max you can use with zoom focus, and your thoughts confirm this. I’m keen to use my Sonnar-C, as it has such a beautiful bokeh and unique rendering. It has some focus shift, but with live view it should be easy to take advantage of.

    The variety of lenses usable with X-system is vast, as there are a lot of different adapters around. I can’t understand why it’s such a difficult job to implement the peaking function here, as it shouldn’t be related to the sensor qualities (as is the split image view in X100s). I’ll be sure to share my experiences with X-pro1, when I finally get it delivered 🙂

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