Few to albumize

We frequently (well, not so lately as you can see!) order print photos of our shots using a web based photo printing service. It is so nice to look through the photos from a photo album. It is totally different feeling to take an album in your hands and start browsing the photos and memories. Our sons, Kaapo and Tiitus, like to do that very often too and many times we discuss about the old shots. That pile of photos below will fill up four albums. I am so pleased that my wife is very good in albumizing!



  1. Do you have a service that will make books for you, like Blurb? I think you might enjoy a bit more control of the look of a page than a photo album.

    Or, better yet, do your own printing with something like Pages and print your own captions on the pages next to the images, then put them in a binder.

    Not sure what kinds of services you have access to over there.

    Personally, since I started doing my own printing many years ago I can’t go back to using a service, it’s a lot of fun to do one’s own printing, another whole part of the photographic process.

  2. We have made few photo books and they really are nice. We have very good services here to make high quality books. But of course the price for a book including some 600 photos is much more than this traditional album system.

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