Asahi Pentax Super-Takumar 135mm F3.5 with Fuji X-Pro1

I have had two M42 screw mount Super-Takumars (55mm F1.8 and 135mm F3.5) for a few weeks now. I almost immediately felt home with 55mm Super-Takumar but my initial feels with 135mm one were quite mixed ones. It felt too long for manual focusing with X-Pro1 which do not have any kind of focus peaking to help focusing. I usually use 3x focus magnification to check the proper focus (10x magnification is way too wobbly). Fortunately, i am usually able to get nice focus straight in without using any focus magnification. Now that I have little bit more experience with the 135mm I think it is usable with X-Pro1 but you have to accept increased amount of non-keepers as compared shorter focal length manual focus lenses. I can use it even wide open (f/3.5) indoors in quite dim light and get at least some good and reasonably sharp shots. Not bad. Outdoors it works very nicely with apertures 8-11 or so (of course wide open is nice for bokeh and blur too).


  1. Well done in perservering with such a long lens, and getting the results! I am struggling with a nikkor 105mm f2.5 on the x-pro1 at the moment – the shots from it have an interesting quality, but as you say, a LOT of non-keepers. I am shooting hand-held – do you use a tripod for the 135mm??

  2. Thanks for commenting! All above shots are hand-held. I do not even own a decent tripod, so hand-held all the way. It is quite tricky business but I’ve got some kind of touch for it now and number of keepers is increasing.

  3. I have an X-E1 and now two Leica telephotos, a 1956 Hektor 135 and a 1987 Summicron-R 90. I have to work _hard_ with these to get shots right but man, when they come together, they’re really very very nice. With the 90, I’ve adopted shooting RAW + Fine JPG in mono+r and when I’m happy, convert in camera to Provia. Like you say, practice makes perfect 🙂

  4. Love the portrait Jonne. What legacy lenses would you recommend in the 28mm 2.8 or 3.5 category. I believe 28mm would give an effective focal length of 41mm or 42mm and perhaps zone focusing this could be a good street photography combo. Let me know when can. Cheers.

  5. Thanks, Jorge. Unfortunately, I have only experience on 55mm and 135mm Super-Takumars as legacy lenses for my X-Pro1. Legacy lenses are interesting options if you are after a good performer having a low price. Of course you have to be ready for manual focusing with them. Fortunately, the new focus peaking feature helps in this respect.

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