In need of fixed prime lens

Definitely. Small camera with a fixed prime lens. Want one. Not totally sure yet if it will be an X100S or GR. I've read now quite many reviews on X100S and I am very convinced about it. I was enjoying my late X100 and can't see why I would not enjoy its improved version. Ricoh GR is still little bit of a mystery to me but of course mysteries are intriguing.

A sunflower to brighten your day! Shot with X100, btw.


  1. As you know, I have an RX1 but it’s still within the return period. I love the camera but it’s expensive and that coupled with the fact that it has a fixed 35mm lens gives me pause.

    I got tired of waiting for the pre-ordered X100s so cancelled that order but I’ve rented one which will be here on Thursday. I’ll have it for the weekend and will hopefully shoot with both it and the RX1 to see if I can get comfortable with it. If I can, and I like the output I’ll return the RX1 and order the X100s and just wait for it. The reason for this is that I don’t want to invest quite that much money in even a great single focal length camera.

    I also have the Ricoh GR on pre-order at B&H but it will not ship for another month so I won’t have them all at the same time.

    I much prefer 28mm for my hiking and I’m hoping the Ricoh will deliver better images than my current Sony RX100 which I love the IQ of but not the ergonomics. I had a GRD IV for a while and it has much better ergonomics although it’s menus are in a small enough typeface that I may need glasses to see them (yes, this can happen to us old guys).

    I could see keeping the Fuji X100s and the Ricoh GR and that combo would still be less expensive than the Sony RX1. So, while I know that the Fuji’s sensor is not full frame and its lens might not be the Zeiss on the RX1, it might just be plenty good enough for me.

    Having all of these choices is both fun and less than fun but it’s better to have choices than no choices. My guess is Canon is going to also come out with something in this category, either a replacement for the EOS M or something else. That too will be interesting.

    1. Hi,

      It’s not “just” the images or image quality when it comes to owning and using a camera (or system). If after a period of use, you don’t enjoy and feel at ease with the camera, you won’t use it as much! It’ll prove to be a waste. For example, one could buy top of the line medium format digital back. But using it for street photography or even house parties would make him/her feel really awkward and uneasy!

      Nowadays, cameras are so good that it’s insane! The winning card with the Ricoh GR(D) series is their so very simple and pleasure to use menu system and to top it off, the image quality is also top notch!

      1. I agree tiger claws. For me it’s mostly about usability but I’m also liking the larger sensors on the newer higher end cameras like RX1, X100s, and the new Ricoh GR. I don’t have the Ricoh yet, I’m supposed to have it next week but I’ve used earlier models and liked most things about using them. The type in the menu system is a bit small for my eyes but I’m hoping it’s easier to read on the GR.

        I agree though, if you don’t enjoy using it it doesn’t matter how good the IQ is. Because of this, I’ve returned the RX1. I did enjoy using it and the IQ was fantastic. What I could not get used to was the 35mm focal length. It’s just not my favorite focal length and to have it fixed on such a high end camera bothered me. So, I’m now looking forward to the Ricoh…

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