GR comes, RX100 goes

I just ordered Ricoh GR. It appeared into a Finnish web store this morning and I immediately made my purchase. I am selling my Sony RX100 now.

I was not enjoying Sony enough to keep it. It is small and handy but GR is not that much bigger. And 90-95% of the shots I took with RX100 were at 28mm. I was not much zooming with it. GR has 28mm equivalent lens, so it should suit me well. So, my decision has been made. I have longer lenses (50, 80, and 200mm equivalents) for my X-Pro1, so my needs are quite well covered.

I am not sure when the delivery of my GR will be but the first estimate is 2-4 weeks from now.



  1. Not sure I’ll follow suit… but as I said, I have the GR on order too. I’d like to actually use it before deciding to unload the RX100.

  2. GR sure is interesting as an pocketable option. The price point is spot on, and I see no point in X100s, as you already have the X-pro1. Fuji has some great lenses coming, and that Zeiss Touit 12mm is interesting too.

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