Lovely Flickr Explore

I have never understood how Flickr Explore picks up the photos which will be presented in the Explore photostream. And I do not actually care. All I can say that it is a lovely system because you can get casual everyday snapshots in Explore. The shot below is a very good example of that. Just my son Tiitus helping me out with the firewood. It is a great memory and actually an exploration of life for Tiitus. Maybe that is why it was in Explore.


  1. Haven’t really used that feature before. Seems interesting. I think Flickr will bring out something nice, as the new CEO has put some pressure on bringing it back to the competition.

    Actually I’m considering limiting sharing my images online. Too many social image services at the moment.. Facebook, Flickr, 500px, 1x.. I might settle for a solution to continue using Flickr for my every day shots, and start using 1x for those special pictures.

  2. I’ll agree about the fact that there are too many services nowadays. That’s why I will stick with Flickr. I have quite many friends there, so it would be very difficult to leave Flickr.

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