$49.99 for Ad Free?

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Shooting SP in waterfall settingLots of steps aheadTiitus at Korkeakoski waterfallKaapo's dance show "Motorcycles"An old cowshedTiitus walking with me
Kaapo100+"Painted" in yellowRiver flows beneathFireplace selfieFrozen stream
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I somehow like the new Flickr looks but I am not so sure if I want to pay 50 USD for ad-less approach. I do not even know how Flickr would look like with the ads.

This needs some thinking to do. How to proceed? I would like to be a Flickr member because of those many fantastic friends I have there.


  1. Jonne, as I read the flickr information at http://www.flickr.com/help/limits/#28 , you can still have a Pro account at the old price if you change to a “Recurring” Pro account. I believe that means they have your credit card information on file and automatically charge it to renew your subscription. That is the type of account I have, and my account is scheduled to renew on June 7th at the old rate.

  2. Thanks Tom. Yes, I noticed that too. I am not sure though how is the pricing policy in the future because there are no Pro accounts anymore for new users. At the moment it seems to be so that the price stays in the earlier level. I have been in Flickr from July 2005.

  3. I think I will try to stay with Flickr because of my wonderful contacts. Flickr is much of a social site beside being a photo site. The new UI shifted the balance too much to the photo site, I think. This is quite funny to say because it is all about photos. But the social aspects which are ignited by the photos we upload are equally important.

    I found out that if you push “Edit” button in your photostream front page you’ll get an old school Flickr photostream (at least sort of) and you are able to see photo’s title, caption, numbers of views, favs, comments, etc.

  4. Jonne: Actually, the price has gone down. Flickr is adjusting the account pages on pro users… keep checking back. I wasn’t due for renewal until 2014 but I just nenewed for two years anyway and the cost was under $24 a year. That renewal won’t kick in and I won’t be charged until 2014 when my current pro renewal runs out.

    My guess is you’ll be fine, just hang in there and don’t do anything rash or impulsive for a while 😉

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