The new Flickr has changed my Flickr behavior already

Now that we have all new Flickr my way to use it has changed. In the old school version I was almost never using Flickr homepage but I was always in my photostream page. Now I am using Flickr homepage a lot. From there I can see the new shots from my contacts (and also straight possibility to comment and fave them), comments for my shots (and other’s I have already commented on), glimpse of my groups and some shots from Explore.

I find the new Flickr homepage better than the old one. At least I am using it now way more than before. I think the main problem with the new UI is in the photostream page which is lagging some useful information it has in the old version. It is interesting to see how things evolve from this.


  1. Glad you’re finding it tolerable. Personally, I don’t use flickr through their web UI all that much; I use Reeder on Mac and iPad to scan through and comment on images so I still see things on white. However, going to the homepage, for me, feels claustrophobic: too much information too tightly packed with no white space. My eyes get tired scanning it.

  2. In the old version I really liked that basic EXIF info which could be seen with each photo without opening the comprehensive EXIF page. Now that feature is gone. I think they added that basic EXIF info system quite recently and now it has been vanished. I think there are quite many things like that which we are going to notice after using the new UI for some time.

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