Plus sides of Flickr

1. Wonderful friends and contacts. I have 714 contacts at the moment (so not too overly amount) and something like 50 friends. They are the biggest asset of Flickr.

2. Fast to add faves and comments from the new homepage without opening the photo. Shots are big enough to see them clearly.

3. Recent Activity page is as before. I am using this page a lot to see what is happening.

4. Easy to embed photos to my WordPress blog. Flickr also works nicely with iPad Blogsy blogging app which I am using.

Now that I have tested few photo sites (e.g. 1x, 500px, Ipernity) in addition to Flickr it seems that I do not have time to use many (not even two) sites simultaneously. I have also my blog to care for.


    1. Sorry for that, Richard but I got tired to all this photo service s**t and decided to go for the Flickr way after all. Really no time to have many places to take care of.

  1. No problem, although given that you did all the heavy lifting of establishing a nice looking account there and already had some followers, you might have left it up for a while just to see what it was like. Maybe they’d add the embedding feature in time to make all the flickr abandoners happy.

    You do know that I run two sites and have been for a year now:

    It’s quite easy to support both of them with Marsedit and at some point I may move all of the old content over here and buy the domain mapping and upgrade. Not sure yet but I’m letting it stew for a while.

  2. Interesting. I did not spot that possibility. Another thing is that Blogsy app has a straight link to my Flickr stream from where I can embed to here. It is very convenient.

  3. I think I’ll continue supporting Flickr too as my main sharing platform. I’m not quite sure if I’ll do something to categorize my images a bit better. I’m not quite sure about the new UI yet (I like 500px better usage-wise), but other features and groups are something I wouldn’t like to live without.

  4. Thanks, Jesse! I too will stay in Flickr but after lots of hassle I decided after all take a Club membership from Ipernity. I am going to have B&W-only site there. Only B&W shots from me and I am thinking to only comment other B&W shots. Let’s see if I am going to manage that kind of a “sub-site”.

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