Feeling GReat already!

I got my Ricoh GR yesterday after waiting over a month for it. For starters I can say that all the waiting seems to be worthwhile.

Wouter Brandsma, Jorge Ledesma, and Richard Wanderman have been positive about the GR, and those are the guys with that kind of experience in photography that you can trust them.

Here are, however, my own very initial thoughts of the GR.

First of all GR felt nice in my hands from the beginning. Grip is very nice and GR is easy to operate with one hand even if I can’t make all the adjustments by one hand. I have to get more used to the camera to master that.

GR is highly customizable. Can’t say much more of that at the moment. It is a very good thing but could be quite overwhelming when you realize all the possibilities. So, lots to learn in the coming days!

I just charged the battery and went outdoors to shoot few initial shots with it. I put it in TAv mode just because this is my first camera to have that mode. And I immediately realized that this mode is going to be my absolute favorite. Pick your aperture and shutter speed and let the camera decide the suitable ISO. Cool. And it works. Because GR has the fantastic auto ND feature, you can shoot wide open outdoors in the sunshine without remembering to active the in-camera ND filter by yourself. Really, really nice. I used F2.8 and 1/250 plus macro mode for the close-ups. I feel that GR is very nice camera for shooting close-ups. Perfect DoF, beautiful bokeh, and 28mm focal length which gives you some background in the shots making them more environmental.

I didn’t get full understanding about all the focus modes GR has. That’s part of the learning curve thing. I mainly used Pinpoint AF because I felt it was more accurate than the Spot AF. Just my feeling, nothing else. I tested also the Snap focus system and it may well be useful for my kind of shooting, at least in some situations. For example when I am photographing our lively sons. Choose f-value between 5.6 and 8 , and shutter speed less than 1/250 with Snap focus and you are set up for that situation. Of course that kind of apertures will work nicely mainly outdoors in good lighting but it really is worth of trying. Kind of “street” photography at our own yard.

And by the way, I was shooting JPEGs. GR may well be a JPEG camera for me. Of course I have to test out DNGs too before judging but if GR is exposing well (and I learn to use exposure compensation properly) I may end to shoot JPEGs with it. There are some nice in-camera effects (like high contrast B&W and bleach bypass) which I find interesting ones to test out.

I have found a new main camera for me. That says quite a much.



  1. I’m delighted you like it Jonne. I love the physical controls and the IQ is great. I’ve been busy with various things and haven’t had a chance to shoot much or post my take on it but I’ll get to it eventually.

    Have fun and keep posting your discoveries.

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