Back to DSLR?

Here by the beautiful lake my thoughts are wandering around. In fact so much that I've been going through some DSLR option for myself! I have now the fantastic Ricoh GR which is so easy to take with me everywhere and it also has many cool features like TAv mode and snap focus system. Then I have of course my Fuji X-Pro1 which I also love – time to time. X-Pro1 produces wonderful shots if everything goes well. Focus is still hunting quite much in many instances. The only AF lens I have for it is Fujinon 35/1.4 R which of course is a fantastic piece of glass. The two other lenses I have for it are manual focus ones. I can decently focus by them but I've been graving for image stabilization so many times. It is quite a wobbly experience to use longer focal length MF lenses, like 135mm I have.

The GR comes for Pentax Ricoh group and I have thinking to get Pentax K-5 IIs for my DSLR to replace the X-Pro1. K-5 IIs has the TAv mode I love, nice in-body IS to stabilize the longer lenses, some nice MF focus aids, and of course nice set of physical buttons for adjustments. It is weather-sealed and still small in size. IIs variant is without antialiasing filter which is also nice feature. The K-5 IIs body is about 1200 euros and I would be able to purchase one in July. I would also buy an adapter for M42 screw mount lenses then and first test K-5 IIs with my manual focus Super-Takumars (which are Asahi Pentax lenses). Pentax has a very nice collection of prime lenses, e.g 77/1.8 which I would like to buy soon after selling my Fuji.

But. I am not sure yet about this. I mean not 100% sure. Only 95% sure.

It would be very nice to hear your opinions on this, dear readers.


  1. Opinions.. Hmm. I thought you said DSLRs are not for you 🙂 I’d still think about getting that stabilized telezoom for Fuji. This way you don’t have to switch the whole system again. AF is limited yes, but you’ve summed up the goods and bads of DSLR systems before. And there’s focus peaking incoming for Fuji during the next few weeks. Should make manual focusing a lot more enjoyable.

    1. You are right, Jesse. It seems that I stay with Fuji and buy 55-200mm zoom. It has a good range and IQ seems to be very nice plus it has an effective IS too. Yes, I am really waiting for the focus peaking. And it was nice that they implemented the focus point selection in the down-arrow in the last firmware.

  2. Haven’t tried the newest firmware yet. Actually didn’t even notice that there was a new one out 🙂 But yes, I’m also interested in that tele zoom.. Too bad there is no way to test it here in Arctic Circle.

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