Some of the latest GR shots

I have been enjoying my Ricoh GR during the first days of my summer holiday. I am slowly getting used to 28mm field of view and it seems that I can get some nice shots with that FoV even if I am more used to use longer focal lengths. I have been experimenting with the snap focus and also that produces nice results. Very nice to have no shutter lag at all! What I have noticed is that if you use pinpoint focus mode instead of spot focus there will be less focus hunting in extreme situations. There is only one thing which is annoying me with the GR at the moment: I do not like the free focus point selection feature in the GR. You can choose the focus point freely but I find this quite slow action. I would like to have some predefined focus points (e.g. like in my Fuji X-Pro1 which has 49 of them) which are very fast to select with the four-way pad.

So here are some of my latest shots with the GR:

Reflected rowers Enjoying the summer night Picking strawberries Hay Alpo by the lake Apples and bananas


  1. Nice shots! I use my X-E1 in single shot mode (and selectable focus points) only when using tripod. Otherwise it stays in manual focus mode with center focus, and I focus in similar manner as with rangefinders. Choose your scene, precompose & meter, focus with AE-L/AF-L button, recompose and shoot. This way I don’t have to fiddle with focus points, and I can compose more freely. Have you tried similar action with GR?

  2. Thanks, Jesse! Yes, I have to learn more to use back-button focusing effectively. I have programmed AE-L/AF-L button (in both X-Pro1 and GR) to a switch mode and both AE and AF-lock. But as I said more practice is needed.

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