Red Dot

Yes, you guessed right – a Leica is going to move to our house. Not a new one but a classic one. It is just what I wanted and in that respect it will be perfect.

Leica Digilux 2.

I was looking for a zoom lens camera for our coming trip to Canary Islands. I did not want anything ordinary. I got a good deal from eBay and got a near-mint Digilux 2 with all original box contents (plus the box included).

Why D2? Well, I have been after a Leica for a some time now. This was a reasonable option for me and my budget. Another reason is its fantastic lens. Leica DC Vario-Summicron ASPH 28-90mm f/2.0-2.4. Perfect focal range for a travel zoom. And that lens is praised almost everywhere. Manual controls in the camera and lens. Nice. The bounce flash option. This is superb because flash will be needed in indoor shots because of quite poor ISO performance (actually ISO 400 is the highest value).

I guess Digilux 2 is kind of X Vario to me. I know, the sensor is a small one, ISO is bad, only 5 MPix etc, etc. But I don’t care.

I suggest to read C. Garrard’s blog post and Thorsten Overgaard’s writings on Leica Digilux 2.



  1. It’s a nice camera for sure. The lens and design is something special, although I’m not quite sure about the IQ after you’ve owned both DP Merrill and X-pro1. Hopefully it’s not a compromise too big to cope with. I love looking at the images my parents take with my old D-lux4. CCD sensor gives that special look, and looking at images taken with this camera, it has that same glow visible.

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