The Beauty arrived

This beauty arrived this morning

The absolutely gorgeous Leica Digilux 2 arrived to me this morning. It really has a substantial feeling when you hold it. Its lens is quite massive and everything works so smoothly. It is a ten years old camera but the shutter count was only 864 (according to camera’s service menu) when I received it. I have to say I am thrilled about it and will write here more later on about my feelings on it and how it will cope in real photographic situations. Below is one of the first shots I took with this digital classic.

RGB train
JPEG, 82mm, f/4.0, 1/640, ISO 100



  1. A great addition to your photo line up my friend. Incredible quality from this camera, I am looking for a new one, do you think this would be a good substitute?

  2. Thanks, Jeremiah! You have to remember that this camera is a 10-year old 5 MPix “beast”. So, it is not any modern digicam at all. It shoots nice JPEGs but is very slow to use. I do not recommend it as a substitute for a newer camera. This one has to be purchased in addition to your existing cameras, IMHO.

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