I have been trying to make my own color and B&W presets for Lightroom lately. I have used VSCO presets (namely Fuji 160C for color and Ilford HP5 for B&W) as starting points and tweaked them to my liking. I have some kind of a B&W period going on now and finding a nice preset for B&W is a very important thing to me. The two presets I have now made are just starting points to me but I am able to get close to a final presentation with a one click using them. Usually I make minor adjustments after applying my presets though.


Fuji 160C JN
My color preset

Ilford HP5 JN
My B&W preset


  1. I am stoked you are really getting into this my friend. I don’t use LR but I would love to hear more about how you are creating the presets.

  2. In LR making presets is pretty easy. Just make your adjustments to a shot and then click the plus sign in the preset menu. Then you are allowed to choose which adjustments to include in your new preset. After that just give a name for your new preset and you are done.

    For the above shots and presets I used VSCO Film pack presets as starting pouints and tweaked them to my liking and gave new names to them and saved them into user preset folder.

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