Positive tweak with my GR

I really have to thank Wouter Brandsma a lot for posting great shots using Ricoh GR’s positive film effect (there are also shots processed with VSCO Film 04). His article gave me a needed push to put my GR in the positive mode. Have to say that the colors using this effect are fantastic straight out of the camera and they give nice flashback to my pre-digital era when I shot slide film. The positive film effect is now registered into My2 setting in my GR and I know I am going to use that setting a lot. My other “My” settings are high contrast B&W and standard B&W. These three are my JPEG presets for my GR. Quite cool and nice I have to say. I can still go to RAW shooting just by turning the selection wheel to TaV (or other modes beside My modes) if I want.

It is so great to read blogs written by other photographers and get some positive push to your own photography! Thanks again, Wouter!


EDIT: Info from Wouter: “I use this image effect to my registred color setting on the camera. It only saves a RAW image, but I get a sense for what I can expect when post processing.”. Thanks for this clarification.



  1. That is super cool my friend, I am so glad you were able to find something of use to inspire your photography. I am looking at a variety of new cameras, I think you have argued well for a change of pace and I have had the same mediocre equipment for the past five years, time to change.

  2. Thanks, Jeremiah! I kind of like the idea to shoot JPEGs by using in-camera filters/effects as it gives me old school feeling. It is littlebit like shooting film. But I have ongoing battle between RAW and JPEG all the time. RAW is so much easier. With RAW you can adjust so many things (like exposure and WB) in post-processing as compared to JPEG. RAW gives me more security if the shot is not a “perfect” one straight out of the camera. I know people always say to me that just keep your camera at RAW and forget this kind of thoughts but it is not so easy thing actually.

    I would be very much interested in to hear which kind of camera options you are thinking of. Let me know!

  3. Mmm.. The in-cam feeling is something I enjoy as well. I’m too lazy/busy for film, and too fed up with “digital” rapid-fire and files without character. However, I’m not quite sure I’m ready to go back to jpeg shooting again.

    I’ve tried playing around with VSCO presets. The end results are quite nice, and they are definitely the best “film conversion” solution on the market. The process still feels awkward and unauthentic, and I feel leaning towards finding a better solution to shoot film in larger quantity. Your experiences on GR have got me thinking though.. Maybe I should get GR for a must-have-digital and Hassy for film ventures. GAS lifting it’s head again 🙂

  4. Thanks for commenting, Jesse! I have somehow similar feeling about presets. Sometimes they work well, sometimes I do not like the results even after some tweaking. In many occassions I find quite minimal adjustments (without any presets) to be the best solution.

    Just get the GR. It is a very nice camera. It is so small that we can not count it for GAS, can we. 🙂

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