What kind of travel combo to take with?

In coming November our family is going to have a vacation in Puerto Rico, Canary Islands. I am already now thinking about which camera equipment to take with me for that trip. Most of the shots will be definitely taken outdoors and some of course in the hotel environment. There are some landscapes to shoot and certainly lots of pics about my family and their activities. I don’t want to take very extensive camera stuff with me. I have three cameras at the moment but I am not sure how well they would serve me in a trip like that. I am usually photographing quite near our home (or summer cottages) and I am able to go back to those sites quite quickly with different camera stuff if needed. In this forthcoming trip it will be different story in this respect.

I have following camera stuff:

– Leica Digilux 2; 28-90 mm (equiv.) fast lens; on-board flash; old, slow camera; only JPEGs

– Ricoh GR; 28mm (equiv.) lens; very small; on-board flash great IQ

– Fuji X-Pro1; 53 mm (equiv.) lens, two manual-only focus lenses (83 mm, 203 mm equiv.), reasonably small; no flash; great IQ

I have been thinking about to get XF 18-55 mm (27-83 mm equiv.) zoom as a travel lens for my X-Pro1 even if I like primes more. In that way I could take only X-Pro1 with me (it has great high-ISO capabilities so no flash is needed). That lens has image stabilization which could prove to be a nice feature.

I would be very interested in hearing your opinions on this? What would you do?


  1. With the family on holiday, I would try to go as light as possible, but carry glass that will get you enough of a range to cover the usual focal lengths. A flash may be nice, but I would be willing to bet that most photos you’ll take will be during daylight hours, so even a flash may be unnecessary.

  2. Thanks, my friend! I agree, maybe the flash is not needed in the trip. Otherwise I am not sure yet. Zoom lens would be very versatile option and in that case I may survive with one lens only.

    A bold move could be to take only Leica Digilux 2 with me. I would, however, need many SD cards if I want to utilize that three-shot feature I described in an earlier post. I think if I decide to take the Digilux 2 I would take also Ricoh GR with me.

  3. Only just caught up with this, so my comment may be irrelevant. I think your double solution with the Digilux 2 would be absolutely right and give you the best of both worlds – top quality older camera with super quality flexible lens + modern wizard. I don’t have the GR, but my smallest NEX with a Sigma 30mm will do that job, and I find my DL 2 is a beautiful camera to work with and produces stunning results. Will never sell it!!

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