Lots of features, still so easy

I have to say I love Ricoh GR more and more every time I use it. It is a camera with loads of features. It is very customizable. But still you can just take it and shoot. No tweaking around, just shoot. Very, very easy and when you see the results you are pleased. Yesterday I tested one of the features I have not used much before. The 35mm crop mode. Yes, I know that I can crop in post-processing but I think the 35mm crop mode is quite a cool thing to have in-camera. Sometimes the FoV which 35mm gives is more pleasing to me than the 28mm. I have set the crop mode into the effect button located in the left side of the GR, so it is very fast to change between 28mm and 35mm if needed.

Another thing I can’t praise enough is the TAv shooting mode. I use it almost exclusively. I really like to have control over shutter speed and aperture and leave the ISO decision to the camera. I feel that ISOs in the range of 1600-3200 are totally usable with the GR. My basic values for TAv mode are f/2.8 and 1/250 s. With those settings I can have some background blur and that shutter speed is fast enough to seize the subject movement and camera shake. If I notice that the ISO is going to be unnecessarily high, I just dial shutter speed down to say 1/125 or so. Very convenient and fast. The TAv mode has a plus side over the full manual mode in that that you are able to use exposure compensation if needed.

Here are two GR shots which I have processed in LR using VSCO Film presets tweaked into my liking. The dog shot was taken with the 35mm crop mode and I used Fuji 160C preset as a basis. The harbour shot is 28mm and Fuji Provia 100F preset was used as a starting point.

Herkko enjoying M/S Osmo


  1. Yes, I’m enjoying the GR too. One can take fine art shots with it or snapshots or anything in between. It’s well designed, fun to use, and fast. Best compact I’ve ever had.

  2. I wish it was 24mm frankly, but 28mm is a good fixed field of view and it’s working well for me. Somehow 35 never felt right to me with the RX1 so I’m glad I don’t have it anymore. Love that camera but prefer a wider field of view. Now, if the GR just had an f/2 lens…

  3. Yes, Richard, we can always dream. For me 28mm is wide enough and I am happy to have that 35mm in-camera option. I am still confused which kind of camera stuff to take our trip… Sometimes it would be nice to have only one camera… šŸ™‚

  4. I absolutely love that first shot, what a great angle and a wonderful composition. Moreover, I love your comments on your gear. I love it. Wonderful stuff my friend.

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