I am not good enough for JPEGs

In an earlier post I stated that I will go all-JPEGs. And I did. For a very brief moment. I did find that short journey very teaching one, however.

What I realized was that JPEGs are for better photographers than I am. Definitely so. I need my leeway.

I need my leeway in highlights and shadows. Light and shadow make a photograph, don’t they? When shooting JPEGs the highlights were blown out like s@&% so often. Then I exposed differently and the shadows were dark as h&#%. So I decided to stop the cursing and went back to RAW. And I seem to be happier that way. Just go and buy new hard drives… 🙂

P.S. With my Leica Digilux 2 I still shoot JPEGs because the camera is soooo slooow with RAWs.

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