1 camera approach for the trip

I have been pondering lately which of my cameras to take with me in our forthcoming holiday to Canary Islands. And during few last days I came into a decision which do not include any of my present cameras. Yes, a new one. Again.

First of all I decided to take only one camera with me. You can read my present options from this post. I realized that none of those is good alone for the trip and I really want to keep my camera gear as minimal as possible (in that trip that is). There are some features I would like to have in my “vacation” camera:

– Reasonably small in size. It has to be easy to carry with.

– Fast AF. I will photograph our lively sons a lot during that trip. My present cameras are in mediocre-good level in AF speed.

– A normal zoom lens. From wide to short tele would be okay. I do not want to change lenses all the time. From my present cameras only my Leica Digilux 2 has a zoom lens (28-90mm equiv.) and that camera is quite a special case and I do not feel so that I would like to take it as a sole camera for a vacation. But something like the Leica’s zoom range would be nice.

– A camera body or a lens equipped with IS (image stabilization). I would really like to have this feature (had IS when I owned Olympus OM-D and it was so nice).

– Decent IQ. I would use the camera mainly in daylight situations during the trip but I think it should also manage with higher ISOs (at least up to 1600).

– Viewfinder. I would very much like to have a decent viewfinder. I like to have an option to use LCD or a viewfinder. They both have their uses.

That is quite a list actually. I went through numerous review sites and blogs during my decision process. Then I noticed an used Nikon 1 V1 with 10-30mm (27-81mm equiv.) VR (IS) zoom lens in a Finnish camera site. Shutter count only 850 and like a new condition and only 200 euros. That is really a bargain I think. This combo will fulfill actually all the above requirements. I think Nikon 1 V1 will be a perfect vacation camera for me.

One comment

  1. Ha that answers the question I asked on the previous comment, funny how you kinda walked down a similar list of ideas that I was thinking and decided to seriously consider this one. Of course if I saw it at that price locally, I would have snatched it up too. Nice stuff bud.

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