Fall fun

Fall colors are appearing everywhere. I decided to go at our yard and shoot some autumn leaves. And guess what? I took my oldest digital camera with me. Leica Digilux 2. I did so even if the weather was cloudy and it was raining lightly. But this camera shoots so nice close-ups. Well, they are nice if you’ll get the focus right and it is not so easy with this camera. Autofocus is very slow and it does not have focus peaking assisting manual focusing. After all I managed to get some decent shots. Fall colors are so beautiful even if I am longing for the summer quite much. Soon we will have snow…

An autumnal leaf Not yet fallen


  1. Ahh shucks and here I am jealous you have a fall and a winter to look forward to. We are stuck in hot weather and lots of sun, which sounds great at first but after six months of the same weather, it will be nice for cooler temps and some rain. How well do you like the Leica to your other cameras? Any idea on which one will be your vacation shooter?

  2. Thanks for commenting!

    Jeremiah, Leica has something special if you are able to nail the focus. Not so easy because it is a very slow camera. I am not sure yet which camera to take at our vacation. 🙂 Really difficult to decide. One option could be to get Nikkor 18.5/1.8 lens for my Nikon 1 V1 to aid in low light shooting. That lens is not very costly (less than 200 euros) and it delivers very nice IQ. But… Let’s see…

    How about your camera pondering? Any conclusions yet?

  3. No I am having a very hard time deciding, I am waiting for your conclusion about the V1, but I am also liking the Olympus OMD. Gordon Lang has some interesting things to say about mirrorless cameras.

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