Four latest shots with four different cameras

I have four cameras at the moment. It seems to be too much as I do not have time to use each of them as much as I would like. And it is fall time again. We are turning into the dark side.

Darth Pirate

This “Darth Pirate” shot was taken with my Leica Digilux 2. It is like a dinosaur of the cameras. Like a huge slow sauropod. I have quite mixed feelings about it. Some day I love it some other day I hate it. Today I will say that it is an interesting relic.

A lamp

An IKEA lamp. Oh my, I really am out of ideas. Shot with my Ricoh GR. This is in-camera JPEG with bleach bypass effect. It actually turned out quite nice. GR is a very capable camera limited only with its 28mm field of view. So small and easy to take with you but I am every time wondering if it will fulfill my photographic needs. You should read this that if I am able to utilize the 28mm properly. I’m never sure.


Fast AF. And that’s about it. V1. I am irritated already at ISO 400. Too much noise. I actually like the freedom the 10-30mm zoom offers but you have to go into the menu to change many basic things. That’s why Nikon 1 V1 really feels like ver. 1.0.

I'm number one!

What a fantastic IQ. And that’s about it. The AF still hunts and hunts and hunts. It was pure luck that I nailed the above expression. Usually it is frustration what I will get. But sometimes I am rewarded lavishly by the IQ. That’s the Fuji X-Pro1.

What a peculiar camera collection I have.


  1. That is quite a curious collection of cameras my friend, odd would be true. It sounds like the Nikon is not a great low light performer and the Leica is a dinosaur, so maybe you have narrowed down two of them. Are you looking for another camera to try? You sound like your motivation for photography is at a low point, is that true?

  2. Jeremiah, stay tuned about Nikon 1 V1. I just bought 18.5/1.8 prime lens for it and that opened new possibilities to use that camera. Looks really promising actually.

  3. Very few of these smaller cameras have decent AF in all situations. Of course, even our old Canon 5Ds hunted quite a bit.

    The newer DSLRs are better for sure and with a decent lens on them seem to lock focus in low light very quickly. As you and I (and others) have moved away from DSLRs because of weight and size, they have continued to improve and AF in low light is one of their many improvements. Every time I go to B&H in New York I play around with the Canon 5D III and it is a fantastic camera. It’s still on my wish list even though I have no plans to get one any time soon because it would sit in a drawer most of the time.

    No doubt some small cameras are better than others and your quest will help you find the best one(s) for you, but my guess is that we will continue to be unhappy with AF in low light. Even the expensive Sony RX1 suffers AF hunting in low light which is one of the reasons I returned it.

    I’m still enjoying the Ricoh GR and for what I do in the woods, 28mm is perfect. Yes, I wish it was faster than f/2.8 but that’s not been much of a bother to me.

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