Should I be bold?

Still trying to figure out my vacation camera question. I just noticed that there is new firmware available for my Ricoh GR and that FW adds 47mm crop mode which sounds interesting. After this addition GR is able to shoot 28mm, 35mm, and 47mm (and also 21mm with a wide-angle lens). Actually so interesting news that the GR may be my sole camera for our Canary Islands vacation. It is so easy to carry with, has a great IQ and very nice ISO performance, is equipped with that fantastic TAv mode I am using all the time, includes snap focus and also on-board flash if needed. I also love the automatic ND filter which allows shooting wide open in bright outdoor lighting.

I have been thinking to take my Nikon 1 V1 with 18.5/18 and 10-30mm lenses with me but I am not so sure anymore. I had also another option in my mind: to take Ricoh GR and my Fuji X-Pro1 (with 35/1.4 lens). Now that Ricoh implemented that 47mm crop mode I feel that I do not need to take X-Pro1 with me. I would like to take as light and small camera gear as possible. It seems the GR may be the best option for that. I know these crop modes are not perfect as they reduce resolution (I think 35mm crop mode is 10 Mpix, and 47mm crop mode about 5.6 Mpix) but I think there will be enough pixels for casual shooting.

Have to test that 47mm crop mode this evening!


  1. The Ricoh GR is my only camera at the moment and I must say, I love it. I wouldn’t go on vacation with just one camera, would bring another small camera as a backup or your Pro 1 with a zoom lens, but I think the GR would be my primary camera on most vacations where I might be in a city and do some street, or in the mountains and do some landscape. It can’t do everything, but it does a lot very well and its a joy to use.

  2. I’ve heard very good things about the “kit” zoom lens that can come bundled with the XE-1. A friend of mine has that combo and loves it. God forbid the GR stopped working for some reason, a backup camera, even an iPhone, is important if you’re putting some time and effort into taking pictures on vacation.

    1. Richard, I was very close to buy that zoom about two months ago. I know it is a very good lens and I’m still tempted to have it as a general purpose lens. It is quite expensive though when purchased separately. You can get the X-E1 kit with less than 1000 € but the lens alone costs 750 €.

  3. I recently spent a few days in Italy, and prior to this, I was – and still am – lusting after a 21mm wide-angle for landscape and interior photography. However, I still believe that one could spend a lifetime learning to master just one lens. Look at Henri-Cartier Bresson or Elliott Erwitt.
    During the holiday, I had the 35mm lens on the camera 99% of the time, replacing it once with a 50mm to make some individual portraits. Too much gear = too many choices = too much confusion. Also if you are making a set of images it is nice/good to have a coherent ‘look’.

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