Fuji X-Pro1 it is!

I have gone through lots and lots of shots taken with my cameras and after that process it seems quite clear to me that I am going to take my Fuji X-Pro1 with me to our vacation. Why so?

You really can’t beat the IQ of X-Pro1 and XF 35mm/1.4 combo with my other cameras. You can get nice thin DoF and so pleasing bokeh with that combo. I have always been little bit towards longer focal lengths so the 50 mm equivalent is a good general purpose lens for me. And I would like to see how versatile I could be just with one lens. It would be possible to take my Ricoh GR in addition to X-Pro1 but I have noticed that if I have got two cameras with me I almost never use them both. A zoom lens would of course be a wise solution but I actually hate zooming and love high-quality prime lenses. And I do not have a zoom for my X-Pro1 (I am not into getting one at the moment). I already have two batteries for my X-Pro1 which is great at vacation. What I should do is to buy an extra SD card though. I have now one 16 Gb and one 8 Gb cards but I should get another 16 Gb one. After that I will be all set up.

One more thing. My wife is a very keen photographer and she will have her Olympus XZ-2 zoom compact with her in our vacation. So I do not have to take photos of every happening and still those family moments will be captured.

I have been practicing the back-button focusing with my X-Pro1 and AF really seems to be considerably faster that way.

Here is one X-Pro1 shot for you to enjoy. 🙂

Bored to my photography


  1. The decision has been made then! Wow, I should of known you would go with the camera that seems to make sense. I love the monochromes you are really good at them. I hope the winter isn’t hitting there too soon. When do you go on your vacation my friend?

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