The grain season has started

Yesterday evening I shot quite much photos with three of my cameras indoors. Fuji X-Pro1, Ricoh GR, and Nikon 1 V1. I was pleased when browsing through those photos in cameras’ LCDs but quite depressed when imported them into LR and viewed them on computer screen. So grainy stuff. Maybe it is only my grain allergy or something but they looked quite bad. Blaah. This kind of camera-changing thing to go after the best result possible grain-wise really drives me nuts. It seems that for me the best possible solution would be to have only one camera. Less confusion, more enjoying the photos.

This same thing comes out every autumn when darkness arrive here.

But I do not know what to do about this situation. How to proceed? Sell something and leave something else?

Today I love one of my cameras (I do not know yet which one), tomorrow I will hate it. And love another one. And then in the next day vice versa.

I am thinking of camera-monogamy.


  1. You sound like me with my notebooks, I have switched back to Linux on an old laptop and I’m loving it, though it has some limitations, then I look at my others and I am like…ahhh….I need tech monogamy as well. That being said, that is the same reason I haven’t chosen a camera yet, especially considering low light situations, I hate using a flash is low light and lots of noise is also unappealing. So many decisions and so frustrating sometimes, I don’t even know where to begin. I’ll look forward to hearing your resolution.

  2. Thanks, Jeremiah! Helps to hear that also others have same kind of “problems”. These things are and will be difficult because there are no perfect camera (or anything that is) and all tech is evolving in so fast pace.

  3. Are you seeing “grain” in all shots from all cameras or just underexposed shots from all or some cameras or just underexposed portions of shots?

    And, are you using “grain” for noise?

    I thought you liked “grain” as in your admiration of the various Japanese street photographers who use the GR. Not liking it anymore?

  4. Yes, Richard, I refer to noise here by saying “grain”. This was kind of a provocative post for myself. This happens every autumn and then I start to think changing gear.

  5. Two ways to get rid of noise pre-Lightroom: work on exposure and get a camera with a bigger sensor. I’m guessing you’re itching for the latter since you’re pretty good at exposure already.

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