Good news for X-photographers

Fujifilm has announced X-E2 X-Trans sensor camera and it seems to have quite many great improvements. For me the increased AF speed (by adding in-sensor phase detection and a faster processor) is of course one of the biggest things. Another big one is the possibility to choose minimum shutter speed when using the auto-ISO feature. This makes auto-ISO usable. There are many other additions and improvements and I would advice you to read Patrick LaRoque’s first impressions from his great blog.

What I am really waiting for is the X-Pro2. I would like to have an optical viewfinder in addition to electronic one. And I hope Fujifilm would provide now at least a FW to add the possibility to choose minimum shutter speed in auto-ISO for us X-Pro1 users. We have been waiting and waiting for that feature.

All in all, I am very pleased to see how nicely X-serie cameras evolve. Big thumbs up, Fujifilm!


  1. All this talk about cameras and different bodies made me think back to 2006 when you were all Canon and I had no idea what I was doing (: What a journey this has been, including the growht of the idea we don’t care about the gear as much as we care about the results. Are you going to give up the other cameras and go with this update?

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