Number 1 is nice outdoors

I took my Nikon 1 V1 and 18.5/1.8 lens with me when we drove Kaapo to his guitar class. I had only 15 mins to shoot (the guitar class is so short) but I was very pleased to the results. The portrait of Tiitus turned out so nice! I love how the background is rendered at f/2.2. I used auto AF point selection with face detection in all of these and had no problems with AF. Nikon 1 V1 is very easy camera to use if you just use it outdoors in good light. With f/4-5.6 you will get lots of DoF and with f/1.8-2.2 you’ll get some blur and bokeh if you are near of your subject. More headache in choosing the vacation camera! 🙂

Tiitus Kaapo the guitarist Reflected pine


  1. Without knowing better I would have argued that those shots were from your Fuji, those are some very good shots. The clean, crisp, vibrant colors and great composition.

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