A lot depends on batteries now

Our vacation is closing in. We are leaving Wednesday afternoon. I am still waiting extra batteries for my Leica Digilux 2, Nikon 1 V1, and Ricoh GR. For the GR I have ordered also the battery charger.

I have spare battery only for my Fuji X-Pro1 at the moment. This battery matter may be a decisive thing now. I would like to have an extra battery for the camera(s) I am taking with me. I have noticed that the battery life of the GR is quite mediocre so the whole day shooting with just one battery could be somehow risky.

Yesterday I already “decided” to take only the GR with me but as you have already guessed of I am not sure anymore. Maybe a two-prime two-camera (28mm and 50mm) option? 🙂


  1. I have three backup batteries and the Wasabi charger and while I prefer to use a charger than the USB cable and I carry an extra battery on hikes, I’ve never, I repeat, NEVER run out of juice in multiple days of shooting with the GR. And, I have the power button light on and sound which no doubt are drains. Not to say that you shouldn’t have a spare battery and a wall charger, but I think the way you’re framing it for vacation is a bit extreme. If you take only one camera it doesn’t matter how many batteries you have if the camera fails, best to have a backup camera and if you have that, you have backup power.

  2. Richard, I have different experiences with the GR battery. I can clearly say that it has the worst battery life of my cameras. Not enough juice for a whole-day shooting.

  3. I’m amazed. We obviously have our cameras set up differently or you do a lot of chimping (I do none). I can go close to a week between charges, and that’s using the camera daily.

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