Back from Canary Islands

We are back to chilly Finland. In Canary Islands it was sunny all the time and temps between 25 and 29 degrees Celsius. Here in Finland it is grey weather with temps of 0-3 degrees Celsius. It was a fantastic holiday and the whole family enjoyed a lot. I had Ricoh GR and Fuji X-Pro1 with 35/1.4 lens with me. I haven’t had time even take the pics from the SD cards to my computer yet so I will post them later on here and in my Flickr site.

Here are few iPhone pics from our hotel and Amadores beach.

A view from the hotel Hotel lobby At Amadores beach


  1. Richard, yes I have lots to process now. I used mainly the GR, less X-Pro1. I have not yet seen the shots on the computer screen so I am not yet able to comment how good the shots are.

  2. You guys looks so happy like you had such a wonderful time. I am really happy to hear all the fun you guys must of had, if you want to know our temps are about the same here. I will be looking forward to all the wonderful pics you have and your analysis of which camera you liked the best. Any thoughts to narrowing it down.

  3. My comment wasn’t about the quality of the images, it was about the quality of the experience of using the camera. Did you enjoy using the Ricoh GR as much as you thought you would?

    1. Yes I enjoyed using the Ricoh GR. I mainly used it in snap focus (2 m) mode with aperture 7.1 which gives DoF from ca. 1 m to infinity. Very handy and fast and nicely usable in good daylight. I have also assigned back button focusing so I am able to override snap focus instantly with normal focus if needed (this also allows macro focusing without pushing the dedicated macro button).

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