It may be the time to push Dinghy to the sea

Okay, I am very much interested in to get Jolla phone. And jolla is a dinghy in English. Small open boat for rowing or sometimes with small sails too. Jolla phone is having a small Finnish company behind it and it has an open Sailfish OS. I really love the gesture-based approach Jolla has.

Jolla may well be my next phone.

See Jolla’s home page for more info. JollaUsers site is also one to visit for.


  1. Jolla seems to be quite cool phone and sometimes I feel my iPhone too cluttered with too many apps (which of course is my fault). Phone, messages, email, calendar, and some kind of a todo app, those are which I really need. Jolla’s OS seems nice and I like the fact that the phone is developed by a small Finnish company.

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