Lumia 1020

I have made quite big moves by choosing a new mobile phone. I changed from iPhone 4 to Nokia Lumia 1020.

The main reason to choose Lumia 1020 was its great camera. 41 MPix with very sharp 5 Mpix files and that crazy good zooming feature are really something. And that camera has very good manual functions too. You are able to change shutter speed, ISO, focus, white balance, and exposure compensation. I have to admit that most people myself included like to use their mobile phone cameras in full auto mode because it is fast and hassle-free. Now I will have a great P&S camera with me all the time because the phone is with me always. I am not carrying even my small Ricoh GR with me all the time. With those “real” cameras I need some special occassion to take them with me.

I am still not sure of this move though. This is because I like Apple stuff. I still have my iPhone 4 and iPad and Mac Mini. I will definitely keep and use my iPad and Mac Mini (I am not going back to Windows with computers or tablets). iPhone 5S with a 32 Gb memory is costing much more than Lumia 1020 (which has 32 Gb memory). That was also one (even if a minor) point to go with Lumia. I think Windows phone 8 OS is quite a decent one and I actually like the Live-Tile thing. Apps for WP8 are not so good (and there are not so many of them) than those for iOS but I have managed to find those I need in daily basis. I think I had too many apps in my iPhone anyways.

Maybe I will use Lumia 1020 untill iPhone 6 comes and see then what to do. Here are few recent shots with my Lumia 1020. The tunnel shot got huge amount of views in Flickr in two days and it was also in Explore quite much immediately. Quite unbeliavable. That has never happened to any of my mobile phone photos before. Lumia 1020 renders nice backgrounds for a mobile phone camera and it has decent close-up abilities (especially if you take into account that incredible zooming or cropping potential).

A tunnel vision Background blur test Close-up test


  1. Well, will wonders never cease, I am impressed, I am very excited to see what that camera can do in your capable hands my friend. I have the Lumia 925 and with Nokia’s camera I am learning to take some better shots. Though they are not where I would like them to be at this point.

      1. First no more Canon, now no more iPhone…Jonne you are turning into a completely different brand of person lol. I got the 925 because I wanted to try the camera, the 1020 came out less than two weeks later and I was cursing myself for not looking to see what might be coming. I like my camera when I use the Nokia software, but it definitely struggles in low light conditions, especially with noise.

  2. Now I am back to iPhone! Apps for WP8 are not quite in the level of iOS and that is the main reason for going back. But now I am missing the Lumia 1020 camera, which really is fantastic!

  3. LOL, I am not surprised my friend, you know that your gear is starting to think that you don’t love them because they always have such a short amount of time with you (:

    How is the winter treating you guys? Hope all is well.

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