Sigma DP Quattro serie

Wow. I hope Sigma will be back in business with these new DP models. Really interesting ones, especially the DP3 Quattro with a 75mm equivalent lens. If the Quattros are faster and have better battery life than the DP Merrill serie then I would be highly interested. Image quality will be a stunning one. I know because I have had DPM 2 with a 45mm equivalent lens. The biggest irritating thing with DPM cameras, and I suppose also with the Quattros, will be the fact that you have to use Sigma’s own RAW processing software, Sigma Photo Pro. That is a very cumbersome and slow programme and I really hope Sigma will enhance its usability in conjunction with the release of the new camera serie. Foveon is a fantastic sensor but unfortunately only Photo Pro will read the RAW files it produces.

Here is some info about the new Quattro serie.

Info from Sigma’s site.


  1. I guess Iridient Developer works with Foveon files. When I tried it, SPP gave better results anyway. I’m looking forward to these new cameras also. I never thought I’d say this, but I kind of miss the puristic nature of DP2M. If the new ones are radically faster and offer better AF (at least there seems to be AF assist led on the lens?), I might have to reach for the wallet 🙂

  2. Thanks, Jesse and Richard. It surely may be an interesting camera. Jesse, I totally forgot Iridient. I tested it with DPM 2 files but it was not for me. Didn’t like it. I may fight with SPP if the Quattro serie is great. Btw, I have lately used Aperture again instead of LR. I have simplified my post-processing and it seems that Aperture suits well into that approach.

  3. I’m considering the Quattro as well. As a LR user I’m planning on doing the simplest workflow in SPP possible and exporting a TIFF to import into LR. Hopefully this will ease the pain!

  4. The limiting factor in my opinion is the file size. With properly exposed images one can use the same preset for processing in SPP. However, raw files with Merrill were 45-50MB a piece, and converted to 16-bit ProphotoRGB tiffs the resulting files were 85-95MB. With Quattro the file size will be even bigger. It puts a lot of pressure on hardware, so you should know what to expect 🙂

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