I just hate the new photo experience in Flickr!

Hate, hate, and once more hate!

Is there any possibility to go back the old one?! I guess not.

Actually the new photo experience gave me great laughs too. The camera icon for Fuji X-Pro1 was like a Polaroid camera! Wow.

In a Flickr style this “improvement” arrived like a bomb. Of course I knew that they were making it and I tested less than a minute the beta version but still… Bam and it was there!


  1. Yes, it’s bad and their process of rolling it out is bad too. It seems they are doing everything they can do wreck what was once a great product. It would be very tough for me to drop them at this point so that’s not going to happen for me, but I’m guessing a lot of old skool users will.

    1. Richard, you are right, it would be very hard to drop Flickr after these many years during which I’ve got great friends, like you, from there. That’s why also I am going to stick with it.

  2. It’s not just the community, for me it’s the fact that I host my images there and embed them on my sites. And, I embed other flickr members’ images as well. That connection is important to me. And, on that front, Flickr made it more difficult to get the raw HTML code for an embed. It’s totally doable but the site doesn’t remember the last time you used the embed so I have to make adjustments each time I use it. Ugh.

  3. I miss the community and the tie in for inspiration for photography. I haven’t like the interface since they changed it to the “new” style some time ago. Especially for loading and viewing, it’s less about user experience and more about trying to look pretty. I would say they have missed the boat on this one.

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