OVF fun

I have been lately using optical viewfinder (OVF) extensively with my Fuji X100. Such a great feeling to use a superbly bright viewfinder. No electronic one can compete. OVF is so fast – no lack of course. And you can see more than you get. Very handy indeed. I have not been using any photo preview with my cameras for some time now. I do not need always the immediate response to see the shot I just took. This of course makes shooting so much faster and it also makes me feel more free. Just concentrate on shooting not previewing the shots.

If your camera has an OVF just use it. Learn it. It will be fun.

Few photos shot using OVF with my X100:



  1. Of course, the OVF has parallax problems as one gets close and the EVF is automatically turned on when one chooses “macro mode.” At least it is on my X100S.

    I’m finding the automatic switching and sometimes even the manual switching a bit buggy with my X100S. Sometimes I have to reboot camera to get it working right. Still, I agree, an OVF is a great way to view a scene.

    1. Yes, parallax issue could be a problem for some but for me it is no big issue anymore – I pretty much know how the frames will move. In the latest FW X100 focuses much closer (without the macro mode) than before and is quite usable in semi-close-ups without turning the macro mode on.

      I have never had problems with the automatic switching; maybe there is something wrong with your camera.

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