New theme

As some of you may have noticed I have changed the theme of my blog to a new one. I have been looking for a better theme for a some time now and then I noticed this particular theme from a blog of my friend, Richard Wanderman. Just what I have been looking for – nice and modern look. Thank you very much, Richard, by introducing this theme through your great blog (I really suggest to check out his blog – link is above)!


  1. It’s a nice theme Jonne. Take a bit of getting used to not having the right sidebar but it does look good on all kinds of devices which is something I wanted. Your images look great large, keep testing the limits.

    Now as for the recent back end update to the hosted wordpress, I’m not happy about it at all. But, hopefully like flickr they’ll improve it with time.

  2. Richard, I had problems to get spaces between the photos (see my Dubrovnik post) even if I pushed enter button twice after each photo. Everything seemed to be right when I composed the post but not so when it appeared in the front page.

    1. Jonne, I had the same problem and it really irritated me. I’m only using the “Standard” post template as I don’t want just the image on a post and I want the meta info at the top. There may be different CSS attached to each template so experiment some.

      I’ve had to add between images in groups of images in a single post.

      Also, my old CSS for centering: class=”center” doesn’t work in this theme, it uses class=”aligncenter” which is arguably a wider standard. So, I’ve had to change a lot of alignment code on older images.

      Understand that these templates are not built for embedding although they really should be. They’re built for dealing with images that are uploaded directly to your wordpress account and posted from there. I’ve not tried that with my larger images and maybe I should, but like you, I want the interaction with my flickr account, not just for my images, but to post other people’s images.

      Still, even with all of that (and I’m still working to update old posts that don’t look right) I’m relatively happy with the theme.

      I’ve been working on pulling much of my old content from my old site into this new one. That will probably take another 6 months to complete, maybe faster, not sure. When that’s done I’ll repoint my “” domain at the hosted site and get rid of the old site completely. In doing that I’ll buy the yearly upgrade from wordpress that will get rid of ads and give me access to customization of themes. That might help with some of this theme stuff if I decide to go under the hood on McKinley. I’m reluctant to as it means that if there are updates to the theme it will be cumbersome to get them as I’ll lose my code (temporarily).

      We’ll see.

      So far I’m very happy with the hosted service though and while my site doesn’t have the following that the old one did, in time many of those old followers will come over and track me here on the hosted platform.

      If you learn things about the theme, please let me know. We’re in this together now.

      1. Jonne: the comment filter took the html out of my comment.

        I added breaks between images and changed the css alignment on embedded images to center them.

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