Close-up with Ricoh GRD IV

I have had my Ricoh GRD IV camera now only few hours but I can already say that I really love its close-up capabilities. You can go as close as 1 cm to your subject and this camera will autofocus! Wow. And you can have some decent bokeh with this camera in this kind of a close-ups as can be seen in the shot below. More about other things later.

Close-up with Ricoh GRD IV


  1. Thank you very much, Richard. I was quite surprised how nice bokeh it produces when shooting close-ups. It is possible to go even closer than in the above shot. I shot RAW (DNG) here and converted in B&W in LR using one of my own presets.

    I really like in-camera high-contrast B&Ws which other people shoot but I do not feel home shooting them by myself. I have tried to adjust contrast and sharpness etc. in-camera but I never am satisfied. For RAW I have few own presets, some lower contrast some higher, and some also having nice grain if I am in gritty mood.

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