My Photokina eye-on list

Here is what I am waiting from Photokina 2014:


  • X-Pro2 or at least some news about the X-Pro1 successor.
  • X200, this will be very interesting one for me as I have the original X100 and have no intentions to buy X100S.
  • Not a Photokina news but the coming Fujinon 90/2 lens will be very interesting one!


  • GR successor or GR with different lens, i.e. normal or short tele version.
  • or how about B&W-only sensor?


So that is basically my short list. How about yours?

One comment

  1. Fujinon 90/2 should be a killer. I’ve recently upgraded my lens arsenal to native-only selection, and am considering to go prime only. The only problem is that Xf 18-55/2.8-4 is such versatile and nice package, that it’s really easy to justify the purchase of 14/2.8 for example. I have two lenses now that are covered by that standard zoom range, and I still hesitate to let it go. Talking about value for money!

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