Crazy eyes

I was going through old (from summer 2013) Ricoh GR shots and this was one which got my attention. This shot makes me longing the GR because of the shallow DoF and high amount of details.

Crazy eyes


  1. Update: I ordered a second GR from B&H. I’d been tracking the lowered price and I figure I’d like to try out the viewfinder. Thanks for the nudge Jesse.

    Jonne, I think you could have gotten this shot with the GRD IV but no doubt the GR’s larger sensor would give the file quite a bit more information. I think if you like this line of Ricoh cameras I’d consider one, and, keep the GRD IV for sure, it’s a great camera as well but note that the batteries are slightly different.

    1. Wow, it is always good to have two. 😃 I may go for GR. They sell it for 599 € here in Finland.

      To get that kind of background bokeh I would have shot it few centimeters from Kaapo’s face. So not so easy with the GRD IV.

      1. Jonne: For me it was easy. The GR is my favorite camera of any I’ve used and that includes my beloved Canon 5D. It’s not perfect but for me it’s very close. And, I’ve not dented what it can do. So, even if Ricoh comes out with an upgrade, I’ll consider that too.

        I’d like to try the optical viewfinder as well and that’s part of the deal I got at B&H which pushed me to just order and not wait for further price drops.

    2. I think the GRD IV and the GR use same DB-65 batteries. I have two of them plus a charger for my GRD IV. And yes, I am going to keep my GRD IV. Sometimes the smaller sensor and the faster lens could be handy and I also love the macro capabilities of the GRD IV.

      1. Are you sure about that Jonne. The batteries look alike but there is a small “dent” in one that makes it not fit into the other camera. When the GR came out many tried to use the older batteries in it and they didn’t work. The GR group (one of them) has a lot of commentary about this, including from me.

      2. It actually may be so as you say, Richard. The model number (DB-65) is same but there are minor differences in the structure of those batteries. I bought one of those when I had my previous GR and now I remember that it was not usable with the GR even if I can use it with my GRD IV.

    1. I had the Coolpix A when it first came out but returned it. I like the workings on the Ricoh GR better and now that I’ve had it for a year I know I made the right choice. It’s a stellar camera in every way.

  2. True, Sigma workflow is a pain.. I’m always amazed to see the level of detail possible to capture with it though. From Luminous Landscape forums: . After reading your comments and Ming Thein’s comparison, I’m on the verge of ordering the GR. Would be nice to have a wide-angle compact and be able to use only longer lenses on X-T1. I’ll have a beer or two, and we’ll see how this goes 😉

    1. Amazing price Jesse. The question is, if the Ricoh GR and the Coolpix A are about the same, which has the better or easier to use or more intuitive UI. I think the Ricoh wins here. I had the Coolpix A for a few days and returned it for the Ricoh. IQ is great but the Ricoh wins (for me) in the ergonomics department.

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