Wide and normal (and something in between)

I purchased a tele conversion lens (TCL-X100) for my Fuji X100. I got it with a quite good price (139 euros) so I think it was a nice deal. The reason to get this tele converter was my desire to have two small cameras with different fixed lenses. I have Ricoh GR which has a beautiful 28 mm equivalent lens, so that camera serves as a wide option. The X100 has 35 mm equivalent lens which is, in my opinion, quite near to GR’s 28 mm. I wanted to have bigger cap between the focal lengths of these cameras and TCL-X100 just allows that and makes X100 to have 50 mm equivalent normal lens.

So, my intention is to keep these two small cameras with me when going out shooting. And I shoot quite much of portraits for which 50 mm suits better than 28 or 35 mm. I will report here in my blog how this approach is turning out.

Wide and normal (and something in between)


      1. I was considering the wide angle adapter for the X100T but it seemed like it might be an annoyance to have to change software settings each time.

  1. I bought one TCL-X100 for my X100 a week ago and I am seriously considering returning it. The camera cannot focus in low light (specially if using the optical viewfinder). I would really appreciate if you could share your experience with the teleconverter monted on your X100 to clarify if the focusing problem is only in my camera-teleconverter combination or if it is a general problem.

    I bought the TCL mainly for taking some portraits of my 4 year old daughter and it is not up to the task.

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