Fuji TCL-X100 tele converter indoors

In an earlier post I wrote that I like the TCL-X100 in outdoor shooting. And that is very true. Indoors the situation is little bit different. Or at least I have somehow mixed feelings.

50 mm focal length is very nice for portraits indoors. Much better than the 35 mm equivalent lens which X100 series cameras have. What is also very nice is that the tele converter does not have any effect on the widest aperture which remain to be f/2. This really sounds nice but what I have noticed so far the f/2 – 2.8 area will not provide tack sharp shots. Of course this will be the situation also with the X100’s lens anyways, so maybe the tele converter does not make the situation worse.

From f/2.8 the sharpness is acceptable but of course I would have liked to use wider apertures in indoor shooting because of the challenging lighting conditions. Because X100 does not have any image stabilization I have to keep the shutter speed at least in 1/50 s range, preferably faster to provide sharp captures. This will of course mean that ISO will go up. With the X100 ISO 1600 is still acceptable in color captures and ISO 3200 with B&Ws. And if I have to use apertures between 2.8 and 4 the ISO will be almost every time between 1600 and 3200.

All in all, I like the TCL-100 in indoors shooting when taking B&W captures. In monochromes some noise is even beneficial but in color shots noise may make the colors look like little bit mushy.

Kaapo and Tommi

1/40, f/2.8, ISO 3200


  1. I decided to skip these add-on lenses (I was interested in the wide angle one). I don’t want to have to mess with menus and software each time I take off/put back on the lens. It’s a heck of a lot easier to just get an X-T1 and a few lenses, like a zoom, a 35 and a 90 mm prime. IMHO. 😉

      1. I get that Jonne. But, for me, that makes the camera big enough so one might as well have an X-T1 or a small DSLR… But, I take your point that for much of your shooting, especially people, 50mm is a more pleasing angle of view.

  2. It is quite interesting to notice that X100 with the TCL-X100 is heavier than X-Pro1 with 35/1.4 lens. These combos are equally deep (35/1.4 with lens hood) too. X-Pro1 is bigger only in width. So, actually, if I want to keep the best 50mm option with me, I should carry X-Pro1!

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