Aurora borealis

Yesterday we had very nice Aurora borealis here and I tried to capture them with my Ricoh GR. The most difficult phase was to find out where I’ve put my light and cheap tripod! 🙂 I used f/2.8 and shutter speed of 8 secs for the shots below. I was quite pleased for the results as these were the first Northern lights I have photographed.

Northern Lights at our place

More Aurora Borealis


  1. Not much experimenting actually. For Northern lights it is good to use shutter speeds between 5-15 secs and a wide aperture. I used also the snap focus feature of the GR to focus into infinity. I did take something like 30 shots and all show up the Aurora borealis.

    1. Thanks Jonne. I’ve not been all that successful with these kinds of night sky shots but I tend to be impatient, not a good recipe for this kind of shooting.

  2. Wow Jonne, that is so awesome my friend, I love seeing these, I miss visiting my family in Alaska during winter and seeing these outside, as we snuggled nice and warm inside. I hope that spring is finding you guys soon, we have been hitting 30 to 35 here this spring, starting to feel like summer way to early.

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